Free learning English online with 25.000 vocabularies equivalent to one pocket English dictionary

A lot of people, even English teachers, think that learning English quickly is impossible. It is not surprising if people go to school to learn English, and take English for years to take for granted.

The fact is that such people still use their classical method, there is no concept of fast learning and foreign language techniques. Maybe you have ever learned English through some intensive learning methods, but it doesn't work for you.

Traditionally, learning English is that we learn everything at the same time. Even in the first lessons there are some basic grammars, followed by some phrases, then memorized all the names of the animals, including the animals which we don't even see in our lifetime. They are words that are not used in practice.

The question is that is there any other ways to learn intensive English ? Or how quickly do you begin to understand language ?

Some people recommend thinking in English and you may try to do like that, but feel very tired, then your brain strikes, turns to understand your language for comfort.

Every language in the world has a lot of words, but in reality, we only use them with small percentage. Various researches and experiences show that knowledge of 1000 words commonly used in everyday situations allows us to understand almost 80% of the content of the language. If we want to quickly learn English, we should first master the 1,000 most frequently used words in real life - Yes, master perfectly or permanently.

Of course 1000 words only create a solid foundation for your capital later. Shakespeare used 25,000 English words throughout his life, the number for a British student is only 6000-14,000. So how can a person whose mother tongue is not familiar with English language can fast remember all the words?

Notice how a child to start learning mother tongue. He doesn't know what an adjective is, and doesn't even know what English grammar means, yet a child can quickly communicate smoothly with us. A child can only hear and rehearse the language surrounding his/her normal life. We have learned English before a child was born, then we can’t speak English as well as a child.

Many people start learning English and then quickly give up. The reason is that traditional methods teach them everything at once, which doesn't make them quickly understand anything in this language. Our level of understanding is much lower. After all, we have a mess in our head.

Many people who have learned English for a long time do not dare to say that they are good at English. They also think that the curriculum was not suitable for them and still struggle with it. In my opinion, people tell themselves to be really good at English, but have they ever thought that they are forcing the mind to stuff everything they don't like, absorbing what it doesn't like. Ultimately, our brains do not absorb after we learn or just reluctantly absorb them. So continuing to study doesn't make sense, because our English level isn't improved, sooner or later we have to surrender.

So what is the answer?

Right here, our website of learning English online for free will answer the problems mentioned above.

First, will show you immediately why you studied so much in the past but you can't communicate. Even in the first few modules, if you see English and Americans speak and pronounce not as the way you think. So when you mispronounce English, you will hear wrong or when you hear wrong, then you will mispronounce; therefore, when you speak English, others won’t understand or when others speak English you won’t understand, too. It is a vicious circle, isn't it? Note, the more wrongly you pronounce, the harder it will be to fix it later. !!!!!!!!!

If you listen to a word or a sentence, and practice speaking loudly in the same way as English and American speak. Later someone will repeat the word again, this sentence will be recognized immediately. And when you say it yourself, then the British and the American will recognize it right away.

So why don't we remove all previous thoughts to try to learn like an English or American child. You hear what people say or what words in the English - speaking and listening website, you speak loudly again without asking questions until you pronounce correctly. There is also a translation into your native language.

On a very close day, the people around you will suddenly see you standing talking happily to a foreigner, or if you watch a movie reading a newspaper without translating, it is a miracle for you, right?

And you claim you can go anywhere, communicate English with anyone. Please say that you can, even if you don't have a bit of foreign language skills or your age is quite high.

After many years of learning English website preparation, the massive multimedia curriculum today includes 25,000 English words interleaved in the sentence structure that guides learners from the basic level to the highest level C1, C2, FCE, CAE, CPE, GRE, GMAT. You have been more than those who have studied English before because they have been able to access the most modern method of self-studying English.

Just learn the first basic words close to modern society that make learners interested. It is also the motivation for us to learn more difficult parts, difficult phrases or grammatical rules, so don't be surprised when you learn for a short time that you feel you have a good understanding and good at English.

It is worth mentioning that with the difficult curriculum, learners always know what rank they are, know how many English words without having to study forever but still do not know where they are.
Modern and simple way of learning makes users interested (English vocabulary is alternated in each short sentence is read in standard English American voice, illustrated with images, translated into Vietnamese). Repetitive verbs, grammar, phrases make learners unforgettable.

Many people sit for hours sitting on the website to learn English online from lesson to lesson, including difficult ones. The simple reason is that any of them are completely interested in, like watching a movie about life, not forced to sit and study with just a click of the mouse. Users no longer need to study a method of learning English anymore, because Memoria vn website is a method for a person to remember the amount of knowledge and vocabulary and English so huge.

Note that if after a short time of only a few months (not a year) we will see the first results of our English understanding, a good understanding of an article on a lesson. English newspaper.

So in short, when you hear one from the British, the US says, you practice talking loudly and without questioning (remember not to wonder why the British and Americans say such a tone), and at the same time you understand the idea. The meaning of that word, what will happen? Yes, it is a surprise that later on you will be able to reflect on the vocabulary you used to study at with the correct tone, as well as when you hear it. So gradually you listen well and speak fluently, even a good tone.

You should not worry about forgetting the word you learned. At a time when you need to use it, subconsciously you can turn on the English sentence to communicate with the opposite person. Because the mind map links in our English brains have formed since sometime. It is also the method of self-learning effective communication of website !!!

Everyone knows that investing in a foreign language is an investment in something precious that never disappears but follows you throughout your life. But you think your age is too late to learn, you're totally wrong. A small example, one doctor was determined to start learning English when he was 62 years old with the aim of being able to travel abroad for international trade. When he was 63, he traveled alone to some countries to trade. At the age of 65, from a person in debt due to a loss, he became a successful businessman with a large amount of assets thanks to international trade. So, compared to him, are you late?

There is another interesting thing to share with you. Don't be afraid that you know too much English vocabulary, your brain will run out. On the contrary, knowing a foreign language is even more intelligent and the younger you live, the longer :)

Right now you can study 25000 English words for free at the website! Good luck!!!

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