Learn English online for free with 25,000 vocabulary equivalent to one pocket English dictionary. Many people, even English teachers, think that learning English quickly is impossible. It's no surprise that people go to school to learn English, and have taken English for granted for years. In fact, people like that still use classical methods, there is no concept of fast learning and foreign language techniques. Maybe you have learned English through some intensive learning methods, but they didn't work for you. Traditionally, learning English means we learn everything at the same time. Even in the first lesson there is some basic grammar, followed by a few phrases, then memorizing all the names of animals, including animals that we haven't even seen in our lives. They are words that are not used in practice. The question is, are there other ways to study English intensively? Or how quickly did you start to understand the language? Some people recommend thinking in English and you may try to do it like that, but feel very tired, then your brain goes into overdrive, switching to understanding your language for comfort. Every language in the world has many words, but in reality, we only use them in a small percentage. Various studies and experiences show that knowledge of 1000 words commonly used in everyday situations allows us to understand almost 80% of language content. If we want to quickly learn English, we must first master the 1,000 words most frequently used in real life - Yes, master them completely or permanently. Of course, 1000 words will only be a solid foundation for your capital later. Shakespeare used 25,000 English words throughout his life, a figure for English students of only 6000-14,000. Then what about someone whose mother tongue is?

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